Friday, December 21, 2012

Solstice 12:21:12

As I reflect on this day, December 21, 2012 I am filled with peace, love and fulfillment.

I have allowed myself the time to sit with my heart, feel my soul and to reflect on my past year... it has been an inspiring journey of self love, self trust and self awareness.

I invite you to take a moment to sit within yourself...take some time to light a candle, reflect on who you were 1 year ago and who you are today. Allow yourself to acknowledge at least 21 accomplishments (no matter how small) and feel gratitude for the learning and experience that has brought you to this point.

Take 3 full breaths into your heart and as you go forward into this new paradigm, remember this and really feel them deep within your heart:

We are all connected.
Each person on earth is woven together and in relationship with each animal, plant, river and mountain top.
We Are One.
Our energies mix and mingle everyday.

Think about it... we are connected to other people as we pass them in the street, see a face on the television, think about travelling to a another country. We are connected to nature when we see a bird in the sky, or a spider in the house or when we pick sage in the field or hold a flower in our all holds a vibration for experience. Ask yourself what do they all have to teach us? What is it that we are consciously or subconsciously learning from them? What is it that we need to remember in our hearts, or deep within our soul?

That is the biggest experience that I have gained this year an to thank I feel so thankful... to know that anytime I want, I can find connection, wisdom and experience when I open my heart and let the energy of someone or something else mingle and alchemize.

If I listen, a particular feeling or piece of knowledge will rise up and I feel a connection.  A oneness.  A strand within the greater web, a star within the cosmos.

Take a moment to feel the wisdom of the last animal you saw, or what your surroundings are telling you. Hear what the breeze is whispering, feel what the bird is illuminating in your soul. If we are open, we can hear the wisdom of everything around us.

Today, I honour the Solstice’s teachings of appreciating the darkness yet always trying to find more light. Of a longing for and connection with the earth. Of choosing to feel more love and less hate, more peace over pain and more gentle communication over frustration.

Take 3 more breaths. Stay within your heart and feel it's beat as it brings you ‘home’.
As they’ve always said, home IS where the heart is.

Wishing you a magnificent and magical solstice.