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Kundalini Dance ~ Illuminating Your Spirit ~ 8 week series

***Early-Bird rate sale now***

Want to move your body and invigorate your soul? Let go of limitations that you feel hold you down or keep you playing small? Feel yourself expand with courage, creativity, and possibility and let yourself step into the fullness that you are. 

Join us and dive within....

Dance your soul awake and feel clarity and openness as you ignite and align your chakras to your highest potential and limitless possibility.

Kundalini Dance™ is a sacred tantric practice where you can authentically express your body and soul through movement, breath and sound. Each dance becomes a transformational process of deeper presence, self-healing and ultimate possibility.

This soulful practice allows you to commune deeply with yourself and the divinities that infuse your world. Shakti, the Divine Feminine, inspires you to feel, express, and create as she rises upwards to merge with the Divine Masculine, Shiva, expanding light, truth and love deeply in your heart.

Connect with your inner-being and energize your spirit to purify your body, awaken the wisdom within and open fully as love.

Over the eight-week series you will journey deep into the chakras. Learn how to clear and regenerate your luminous energy system while communing with a compassionate community that supports and encourages your authentic expression. Kundalini Dance will:
~Purify stagnant emotional energy
~Reclaim your power & truth while gaining insight & clarity
~Open your body as love
~Awaken higher consciousness
~Integrate positive life change

This is the journey back home to your body’s wisdom and heart.


Mondays January 12th – March 2nd, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm (doors open 7:20pm)
At the Dharma Lab Studio #202-1814 Pandora Street, East Vancouver, BC V5L 1M5
Early-Bird rate* (full 8 week series) by January 2nd: $125
Regular Rate (full 8 week series) $140
Drop-in rate per class $20
*all participants of the full 8 week series will receive chakra information, journal questions and playlists each week.

Payment by e-transfer or cheque. Email martine.kleissen(AT)

Space is limited, register early to guarantee your 8 week spot.


For first time Kundalini Dancers I recommend dancing a complete series (without missing a class) so one can receive the most aligned and embodied experience and full energy transmission of the work (and shifts) within.

No previous dance experience required. Just follow the beat, activate the energy through the breath keys and express in ways that invigorate your soul.

TO PREPARE: If you would like to stretch before the dance I would welcome you to come a few minutes early. Doors open 7:20pm.

Please bring: a journal, water bottle, yoga mat and shawl/sweater to keep you warm for savasana. Also feel free to bring something for the altar each week (flowers, a stone, jewellery) which is dedicated to the particular chakra we are dancing as well as wear the colour of the chakra. This is a scent free zone ~ please do not wear any synthetic fragrances.

8 week map is as follows:

January 12 – Root
January 19 – Sacral
January 26 – Solar
February 2 – Heart
February 9 – Thymus
February 16 – Throat
February 23 – 3rd Eye
March 2 – Crown

Martine Kleissen ~ First introduced to Kundalini Dance™ in 2009, Martine transformed her life though the sacred practices and connection to her inner dancer through the alchemical breath keys. She travelled to Australia in 2013 to become a certified facilitator and is now passionately creating sacred spaces and opportunities for people to dance their divinity and inspire transformation and connection within. Connecting and embodying inspiration, wonder and joy in her daily life, Martine is also a conscious event planner and intuitive artist and writer. She believes self-love, heart-centered connection and transformational-growth flourish when in union with sacred connection and authentic expression. She offers weekly classes and workshops in and around Vancouver, BC and Southern Alberta.

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“Kundalini dance with Martine has allowed me to experience a deeper form of ecstasy and wisdom of my true potential. With every movement in my body I have discovered the transformation of my divine self expressing in its true nature. This dance is sacred and a beautiful way to embody freedom within yourself. Thank you Martine.” Baljit Rayat Lotus Destiny

”The Kundalini dance classes facilitated by Martine are a blessing and a sweet divine treasure nestled in Vancouver. No matter how you are feeling when you arrive, you leave with more lightness, clarity and love (to continue your journey for the rest of your week). ” Chelsea

“What an amazing experience. Each class felt like a gift, it was perfectly designed to open up your chakra. I’m so grateful to Martine for creating such a warm and inviting space that I looked forward to coming to each week.” Bippan

“It feels like I am at a rave but on a spiritual, self-induced high…the best kind! I see my life clearer, my ego surrender, and release energy blockages. It helped me through my fear and anxiety. Not sure what I would have done without it.” Gertie

Cancellation Policy: Registered seats are non-refundable and cannot be used as credits, however they can be happily transferable to a friend for the same night.