Sunday, April 24, 2011

a new beginning of me

So I started a blog....?! what?! I say to myself, a blog?

But yes, I've been thinking about it for over 2 weeks. And 2 days after my first thought of starting one, I met this wonderful new friend Caitlin, and it turns out she has a blog, and my oh my is it ever great!
And it started to give me the courage to want and now make my own.
As I was ignoring my wanting, the wanting seems to get larger, louder, more persistent...
"It's only my thoughts" I would say to myself...but my thoughts on the internet? For everyone to read?
I've always had a lot of rambling in my head. I think, I dream, I process about the world and all its beauty...and darkness.... But who hasn't?
But after 2 weeks of processing about blogging, doing my own spiritual work, then holidaying with my family, I've made the choice, and here it is.
I've come to a place within me that I want to speak it out loud.
And sometimes I want to shout things from the rooftop!
Like today, we had 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers in the house and all I wanted to shout was
"I LOVE puppies!" "I Loove puppy tails!"
They (yes, them and their tails) bring such blissful joy to my moment. Their soft hair, their tricks, and their playfulness, which in turn make me indulge their and my own rambunctiousness. I love it. It's pure bliss interacting with a puppy.

So this is it. I've committed myself.
I'm going to ramble, and write. and post songs, and pictures, and give insight on what I think and feel in my everyday life. Cause why not, I ask?

Oh, and by the way. Part of the reason I didn't want to start a blog is because I'm not great at spelling and grammar...but I'll spell check for you and my own learning, but I'll also write freely and let everything come and float down like a feather in sunlight, free and peaceful.

I welcome myself a new world of blogging, and I welcome you as my readers.

And check out Caitlin's wonderful blog too:

Have a fantastic week ahead.


  1. Yay! I'm excited to see what comes out of your fingers and onto screen! New levels of 'getting to know you' are always fun.

  2. cant wait for more martine love ya