Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Rainbow Bridge ~8 week Kundalini Dance Series

The Rainbow Bridge- 8 week Kundalini Dance Series
Mondays March 17th - May 5th 

$110 for 8 the week series before March 12th
$15 drop-in (if space available)
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Join us and dive within the rainbow of courage, compassion and connection. Dance your soul awake and feel clarity and openness as you ignite and align your chakras to your highest potential and limitless possibility.

Kundalini Dance™ is a sacred tantric practice where you can authentically express your body and soul through movement, breath and sound. Each dance becomes a transformational tool for self-healing and expression of your core chakra energy and ultimate possibility.
This soulful practice allows you to commune deeply with yourself and the divinities that infuse your world. Shakti, the Divine Feminine, inspires you to feel, express, and create as she rises upwards to merge with the Divine Masculine, Shiva, expanding light, truth and love deeply in your heart.

As you journey through the rainbow you will:

Reclaim Your Power
Open Your Body as Love
Purify Your Emotional Body
Awaken Higher Consciousness
Integrate Positive Life Change

LOCATION: Pandora's Box Rehearsal Studio #1890 Pandora Street, East Vancouver, BC V5L 1M5

March 17 - Root Chakra.
March 24 - Sacral.
March 31 - Solar.
April 7 - Heart.
April 14 - Thymus.
April 21- Throat
April 28 - 3rd Eye.
May 5 - Crown

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