Saturday, September 8, 2012

Set your heart on fire

"Imagine ...
as each of our HeartFires ignite, rise and Illuminate our inner being,
we are transmuting and clearing all that no longer serves.

With the chamber of the Heart purified, we become open Gateways
for Love to flow into the world.

Now feel this Love
flowing through the gateway of your Heart,
into the world and across the face of all creation ...
a cosmic river of Divine presence,
passionately flooding our reality,
illuminating infinite possibilities,
with every beat of our Heart.

Now imagine multitudes of Beloveds, streaming Love through
the Gateways of their Hearts, too.

What happens when a Love like this Lights up the world?
How does our willingness to be this Gateway for Love
effect the process of the Great Shift of the Ages we're

all growing thru?"

Day 9 excerpt from GoGratitude/HeartFireGateways

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