Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A new path in life ~ conquering fear


Here I am. An ETSY Seller. 
Taking the plunge into my Art. Embracing my Shamanic self through design.
No longer wanting to live in fear of judgement, of critique, in the darkness, behind the scenes...
Here I am. This is Artist.
Welcome to Anointed Energetics   ~  Shamanic Art, Conscious Creation, Embodied Medicine.
Where I'm my true Iconic Self:  Inspired-Trust.
Where my essence is in painting;
It's a freedom for my soul... my spirit soars when I create, it dances when aligned with spirit, it laughs at the magnificence of spirit-design, and feels honoured to be in the creative process of embodiment.
I feel inspired by growing, by listening to & trusting in the energetic world around me, by learning new painting techniques flow through me. By practicing being conscious to the prick of warmth as the the sparks activate, connecting to it, illuminating it, becoming one with it...

I believe we are all inter-connected and can co-create and embody love, compassion and respect for all people, spirits, plants and animals. I create in Sacred Space and under an embodied, intuitive, shamanic way where I let Spirit work through me and each piece is of course Anointed with love & abundance and is the Energetic Footprint of that moment in time..hence ~ Anointed Energetics

Here I am. I'm an Artist. 
I paint, I create, I explore the divine through art, through creation, through awareness.

I raise a glass and offer a toast to myself.
To embracing my creative nature.
To moving through fear
To honouring the divine and my divine.
To stepping out into the world of selling art, of creating a one of a kind moment-to-moment medicine that others might find healing, transformation, even inspirational.
That's what it comes down to for me. I do it because it's inspiring for me to Anoint & embody the Energetics of each unique moment in time.


Anointed Energetics

 Anointed Energetics "The Venture"

"Present Moment" - CUSTOM DESIGN

"Hummingbird Flight Path"

Shamanic Medicine Wheel - South - Red - Serpent (Shedding what no longer serves you)
                                            - West -Blue - Jaguar (Facing and releasing fear)
                                            - North - Yellow - Hummingbird (experiencing motion in stillness
                                                                          and stillness in motion)
                                            -East - Purple - Condor (living your destiny)



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